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£50 could provide lifesaving food for a family

£100 could provide food for children affected by conflict

£300 could help a community with emergency food


Food Appeal

Food for thought…

More than 800 million people around the globe suffer from hunger today. Warfare and poverty still continue to affect people all over the world; crippling the lives of millions and depriving them from accessing life’s most basic need to survive: food.

Starvation and malnutrition is on the rise and children are amongst those who are suffering the most. The number of lives lost will keep rising unless we actively make a change.

Make a positive impact…

With your help we can supply some of the affected areas with food parcels containing basic food elements that will alleviate their suffering and sustain their health.

Salam Charity is on the ground in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen and Syria distributing food packs to families and individuals in crucial need for nourishment.

Each food pack contains the essentials for a family of 5 to feed for an entire month. Together we can give hope to thousands of people living in hunger today.

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